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The wastewater dissolved the chromium 6 from the cooling towers and was discharged to unlined ponds at the site. Some of the wastewater percolated into the groundwater, affecting an area near the plant approximately two miles long and nearly a mile wide. Countless people from this small desert community were suffering from ailments ranging from chronic nosebleeds to cancer.

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She was never an outstanding student, but she was a smart-enough gal. She got started on this case, apparently, she must have a steel-trap mind. Talk to her today, you'd think she had a chemical engineer's degree. Erin's tireless work ethics caused the pain from her years-earlier car accident to resurface.

She sought out a chiropractor to relieve her suffering, and shared details of her life during the sessions. When completed, the screenplay was immediately sent to noted director Steven Soderbergh. Soon, Julia Roberts signed on to portray Erin, and the movie got the green light. This wasn't the only good news that would catch Erin by surprise.

Suddenly, Erin was a household name and the world was eager to meet the real woman who had inspired the movie.

However, Frank said it was difficult to watch his daughter go through tough times on the big screen. But she has been paid back knowing all the people who she helped.

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Jorge Halaby, a biker whom she met when she first moved to California, moved in and helped care for the kids. According to Brockovich, "Their attitude was extremely defiant. I gave them fair warning as early as 9 years old-- you start doing drugs, I'll pop you out and you are gone. I gave them enough rope to hang themselves.

They are now doing well and she couldn't be more proud. She speaks proudly of their progress, boasting that newly graduated Matt hopes to become an emergency medical technician, while Katie is keeping up a 4.

Brockovich has said, "My kids are honestly the neatest human beings. They're going to have something to offer to the world. Erin Brockovich had tirelessly fought for something she believed was wrong, and continues to do so.

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Erin Brockovich

Submit payment details. Choose your favorite among the safest payment options. Get your homework done. Preview and download the paper long before the deadline. Students trust us. In the course of the movie, you as the audience, realize the slow progress Erin has made by gaining respect in her law firm and is now seen as a threat by a very big company PG and E. The movie slowly unveils how Erin investigates how many people's health has been affected for the longest time. The turning point comes when some of the Hinkley residents actually count on her to do something about their predicament.

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She fights tooth and nail at whatever cost to get the case running. Now she gets the attention of the big company despite her unconventional looks and status. It is so opposite from what one would expect a lawyer's assistant should like. The producer of the movie makes the movie more interesting by using various techniques such as suspense and flash back. The movie producer makes the movie more appealing to the audience by usage of suspense this technique makes the audience have the urge to know what is going to happen.

Therefore, the over all organizational of the movie, in terms of usage of various linguistic styles and other theatre devices is okay thus, making the movie a worthwhile venture to watch. Erin Brokovich is a symbol of empowerment. She surpasses all obstacles and got more than she expected. Through the course of the movie she manages to juggle work, mothering and meeting her own personal needs without having to depend on anyone. Erin is one of the characters in this movie that makes it more interesting and enjoyable watching? The movie is excellent, enjoyable, interesting and I can highly recommend the movie to all categories of people because it is appealing to all groups of people in life.

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