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Historically all roses had an odour, but after the introduction of almost scentless China Rose and the larger Tea Rose, both from China in the 19th-century smell was slowly bred out from some roses.

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Hybrid roses are resistant to disease to varying degrees, better suited to a wider range of climates, have flowers that last longer when cut or have longer stems for display. They also bloom more frequently during the year than old roses, have flowers with million petals and tend to have a greater variety of colours — pinks and yellows and white were not available before.

But all of those improvements came at a cost — with smell mostly being bred out.

The majority of cut roses available from supermarkets and florist are grown in Africa and so they are bred to withstand miles of air travel to their final destinations. This means that Hybrids are more favourable for growers and sellers than old garden roses.

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At the moment the only roses that still have their smell are garden roses. Some of them are old roses, but there are a few modern varieties that were designed with the smell in mind. David Austin company does not mind the challenge and produced countless garden varieties and some cut industry breeds with captivating fragrances.

And getting a cut fragrant rose that last 2 weeks in a vase will no longer be just a dream.

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Everything is coming up for roses after scent gene is found. It is this feeling of peace that I hope I can in some way pass on to you. This understanding that we are perfectly OK, just as we are, makes us fearless so that we may let go of all the nonsense and live our lives making the world a better place, which is the best way to bring happiness into our hearts.

According to Buddhist philosophy, there are a number of things difficult to attain in this world. Not so fast When you slow down, you find so many ways to be connected with life — with other people, with your purpose, with yourself. Appreciate those people who give you warmth and support; if you have a good friend then sooner or later they will in one way or another put you in the right direction. Value them from the depths of your heart. Choose to be happy Every day we make decisions. Enjoy the journey Spend a little time each day contemplating all the good things.

Understand what true love is to love others, you first have to love yourself. That is, to accept yourself. Learn to have patience Pride makes it very hard to listen to anybody else; it is much easier to learn and grow with humility.

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Fearlessness is the key Fear is a natural companion to heavy expectations. Think more about what you are going to do today and you will begin to worry less about what may or may not happen tomorrow. That usually means after you have written several drafts, and someone knowledgeable has guided you through them. We all have several selves.

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One for our family, one for our friends, one for formal occasions, one for when we are alone. Which picture does the admissions committee want to see? It depends.

You have to make a strategic decision. You should be a considered and well executed version of one of your better selves. Which self? The self which is best able to get the job done—the self which can present you as unique and passionate about something important. Any topic can be handled well, but if all things are equal, choose an upbeat topic.

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Write about a passion, not a doubt. Teen anxiety and cynicism are pretty tiresome to admissions officers. If you love something, and you can convey that love with detail and conviction, do it.

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If you are fortunate enough to really love someone in your family, and you can capture that feeling with anecdotes, dialogue, facts, images and stories—write it. If you are rare enough to love a younger sister or brother, explain it.